News 2020
5 Jan 2020

News 2020

Post by Zuzana Caislova
News 2020 1
25th March – It looks like a day made just for a walk
News 2020 2
22nd March – It looks like working on the garden our son pretty satisfied.
News 2020 3
21st March – A bracelet for everyone. Just do not hesitate to ask me! The only thing i want in return is your smile
News 2020 4
20th March – Its in progress. Matěj is helping me. What does it will be?
News 2020 5
19th March – Nothing is better than staying on the garden
News 2020 6
18th March – Beautiful day with practisting outdoor yoga
News 2020 7
17th March – Need some help to collect korks 🙂
News 2020 8
16th March – First day of quarantine spent on the garden
News 2020 9
13th March – We are not going to Alps, so we are enjoying staying at home
News 2020 10
9th March – common day in our house
News 2020 11
6th March – James Blunt concert in Prague
News 2020 12
5th March – Jogging with Bája
News 2020 13
1st March – last view to Amsterdam’s canal
News 2020 14
29th February – You can see the old Aťu at this picture. From Sunday, he has a new one
News 2020 15
28th February – This is our little hotel
News 2020 16
27th February – Me and Mattew in Amsterdam
News 2020 17
26th February – Those are the girls you should know
News 2020 18
25th February – Mattew is still not skiing but in sledding on his bottom, he was great
News 2020 19
24th February – just a few minutes in this hot sauna and we didn’t even care about the strong wind
News 2020 20
23rd February – Mattew is ready for a new adventure
News 2020 21
19th February – How fast can a person adapt to a new technologies? The answer is: Very fast. The autopilot is driving alone and me and Matěj has a plenty of time to dance and sing 🙂
News 2020 22
18th February – Matěj playing with Bájinka on the garden
News 2020 23
17th February – Little panda with granny
News 2020 24
15th February – With my sista celebrating masopust after party
News 2020 25
11th February – First Comic Con in Prague
News 2020 26
9th February – Our first ecowalk this year and picking up trash around Okoř castle
News 2020 27
8th February – Mini kid is exploring mini cooper car
News 2020 28
3rd February – More pleasure on the road. A new family member
News 2020 29
1st February – Beautiful sunset in Roztoky
News 2020 30
24th January – Bratislava
News 2020 31
21st January – We are sick, so we have plenty of time to play with my mobile
News 2020 32
18th January – This is our Aba. We used to call her Bája, but Matěj rename her in recent weeks.
News 2020 33
15th January – I am quite tired of listening metal all the time so we have introduced headphones to Matěj
News 2020 34
11th January – Almost behind our house. We didn’t even know it!
News 2020 35
6th January – Our lovely Prague
News 2020 36
3rd January – Just before he took the sunglasses to his bedroom and broke them
News 2020 37
1st January – on the way to see New years video mapping on the Václavské náměstí


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