Year book 2019
17 Apr 2019

Year book 2019

Post by Zuzana Caislova
31st December – Last pic of this year. Happy New Year 2020!
27th December – Matěj blew off the candle with a Bethlehem flame
26th December – After a few days of furious eating we went out for some culture
7th December – We usually celebrate my birthday by running “Pražská stovka”. This time we run 43 km long distance
1st December – relax weekend in Brno with my love
28th November – Today was a successful day. Mommy succeed at a job interview and Matěj had his first day at kindergarten.
12th November – Finally, the snow is here
7th November – trip to a farm with animals
3rd November – One of our last trips within Norway. This was into the museum of modern art in Kistefoss
30th October – Matěj fell asleep on my shoulders. I can say, its no easy to carry 14kg of dead weight.
28th October – We will really miss it
26th October – Our last visitors in Oslo
23rd October – Here we go, our new family member. Welcome our new electocar
22th October – Our last day in Denmark
10th October – Might it be Northern lights?
6th October – Our little sick piggy
3rd October – One pic from our trip to Sweden
24th September – One pic from Liberec
20th September – And then the sky turn into the bloody red
17th September – evening run, good night Oslofjord
15th September – We feel that the winter is coming
12th September – Matej wanted to go for a walk in the back carrier
10th September – still learning how to cook vegetarian food, but it definatelly worth it!
8th September – Little astronomer
31st August – Even after installing wallpapers we are not gonna divorce
20th August -Matěj is cooking a dinner
16th August – International Rum’s day, what an interesting coincidence right?
14th August – Evening run
13th August – Just finished his driving
11th August – Some pictures that our granda made https://caislov.rajce.idnes.cz/Norsko_2019
20th July – Batman’s training
19th July – Packing up for the holidays. This time it looks we have more things that we expected.
17th July – By Sognsvann lake
15th July – One from the weekend
14th July – On the ferry after swimming and playing on the beach
12th July – Sandvika (The big head is only at this picture)
11th July – Relax in Oslo
9th July – Matthew and his mom
7th July – This meal we’ll miss very much in Czech republic
6th July – Practising with barefoot
5th July 2019 – Today’s morning started with daddy’s famous sentence: “Can I invite you to a Beijing Duck?”
2nd July – Aker Brygge
29th June – Finally swimming. Curiously in Oslo sea
22nd June – We discovered a peace of Italy in the middle of Oslo
20th June – Matěj help us to sort our photos.
18th June – New haircut to our honey
15th June – Barcelona. Everything about it is true. Its simply perfect
7th July – Our little toy
4th June – They are finally at home. Love them
3rd June – Matěj loves all the local waterfalls.
31.5.2019 – The world´s End
30.5.2019 – Molen – Rolling Stones
26.5.2019 – After 25km in our feet we are not able to catch him anymore
25.5.2019 A little fatigue for a little tiger before going on a bicycle
23.5.2019 – Little guitar player
22.5.2019 – We pulled out the swimming pool
20.5.2019 – We support Czechs against Swiss in hockey championship. Matýsek happily eats prawns.
16.5.2019 – As soon as we arrive to Oslo there was a present waiting for us. So we have to try it next morning.
8.5.2019 – Garden is a garden

6.5.2019 – Demostration against to our ministry of justice.
2.5.2019 – Finaly at home in Roztoky
Today’s weather send us to indoor playground. But as you can see, Matěj is not sad of it.
At this place we spend most of our day.
We wish you a beautiful and undisturbed Easter
17.4.2019 – Matěj had a lot of work at the weekend.


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