The first snowy trip to the top of Vittakollen
9 Dec 2018

The first snowy trip to the top of Vittakollen

Post by Zuzana Caislova

Sometimes you don’t know what you want to do during the weekend and you leave it a bit of a fate where it takes you. We packed the most essential things as Matěj’s things for changing, we made a tee to termose and take a cups with coffee and we ware ready to leave our house. We had a taste for some walk when the weather was so beautiful and snowy. So we reached out to the Sognsvann lake. We have it about 7 stops far from our home.

In order, not to take our precious asses only by subway, we went by walk for a bit. Already on the T-bane station there ware waiting many skiers with us, so it was clear that on Sognsvann there will show us thre real behavior of Norwegians. It is said here that every Norwegian was born with a little ski on his ankles. And we believed it a bit.

When we came to the lake we just looked at the pointers and choose to go to Vittakollen. Not because we know something about this place, it was only according to the name. It sounds like quite a good idea. We have already find out some things here. One of them is that the name “kollen” mean a hill and usually a pretty good view. So we have nothing to lose.

Our journey was something like a single trek. Who was sometimes with his bike on some single trek, he can have a good idea, how it looks. Narrow paths with snow and always up and down. In this case it was more to the up. Like in every place here in Norway :).

On the top of the Vittakollen, there was waiting for us a beautiful view to the whole Oslo. We had luck. The weather worsened in the weekend. It didn’t rain and nor wasn’t gray and cloudy as usual.

Wa walked about 12 km in total. Matěj was almost the whole way awake and happily whistled. He finaly asleep just before the end of the trek when we entered the T-bane. Probably he heard the sack of food, otherwise we can’t explain his short sleep.

Just a few pictures for illustration.


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