Sports with us for the charity! 2

It will be anything new for you that participated last year. However, if you read this post for a first time, I would like to give you some more information.

At one of our visits to citycentre, we noticed that there is a charity run called “No Finish Line” and it means that you gave about 30 cents for charity for every lap you run.

We have decided to organize our own challenge. Together (I, Petr and Matěj) we will be sporting and for every 100 km we donate 1000 CZK for charity (as a sport we count every measurable activity like run, walk, skiing, biking ….what ever) . All these kilometers will be carefully recorded to the shared excel.

Last year we run more than 2200 km together in count consist of only 7 people.

A few rules:

  • sports as much as you can a record all your km to a chart
  • for every 100 km you donate 1000 Kč to a charity purpose
  • as a sport we do not accept standard daily activities etc. I went to a work 3km

Join us! It does not matter whether you are fat or thin, if you like or do not like Babiš. This is not a competition about who is better, but it is a competition about who will donate more money to charity project. And it’s not just a matter of contributing by transferring money from an account to an account, but it’s about to fight for it. Motivate yourself and others around you. Be proud of yourself that you did something for you and on the other hand help to somebody else who needs money more than you.

The more we get, the more money we can donate together. At the end I will create a poll to which project we’ll support.

This event we would like to start from 1st November and finish on 31st December at midnight.

If you want to join us, we will be happy. The more people, more Adidas.


Připoj se a sdílej data do společného excelu